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“I have had the pleasure of meeting with and working with Linda Johnson during several real estate transactions but not in the normal way you would imagine. I was a buyer and Linda was operating as the Operations Manager-Assistant, along with her colleague Liz Grisamore, the seller's agent, with Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Inc.

In today's crazy covid time marketplace, where it feels like anything goes, Linda has shown me that there are still solid quality assistants and agents that operate with integrity and honor. Through these past transactions, Linda has repeatedly been transparent, honest, open, and flexible. She has gone out of her way to provide appropriate information, contact key individuals, and foster relationships with all parties involved. Although another buyer obtained the first home I was offering on, both Linda and Liz retained my name and connected with me after the transaction to notify me and my agent of other opportunities in the area. She has personally fostered these future opportunities and continues to with the utmost integrity. I look forward to an amazing outcome with this transaction as well as continued professional interaction and a lifelong friendship with Linda. Thank you for being an exceptional human being and assisting with the process, Linda. You are a blessing!”